General Terms and Conditions for Regiondo GmbH's Customers

We are looking for customer-oriented solutions, especially regarding legal issues. Please feel free to call us anytime concerning any matter. Our law requirements are directed to the online reseller and contain information concerning agreements and conditions. We have compiled this information for you, as follows.

Regiondo's Hotline: +49 (0) 89 716 721 300

Regiondo GmbH is neither operator nor provider of the mentioned events or activities listed on These are conducted by particular organizers which provide the tickets (our partners).

By purchasing a ticket a legal relation is established between the customer and the organizer. The ticket editor and debtor and of whom the services and goods belong to is the stated partner. He is performing these services based upon his respective terms and conditions.

Regiondo GmbH sells tickets and offers on behalf of particular resellers as a commissioner or mediator. By booking and paying the tickets, the client authorizes Regiondo to carry out the transaction of electronic ticketing and pricing. Regiondo GmbH is not liable for providing specified services. Regiondo GmbH does not guarantee any responsibility or liability for services provided by a partner or used by the customer.

1. Scope of Terms and Conditions

All bookings, contracts and orders passed with us exclusively follow these terms and conditions.

These terms and conditions apply exclusively to consumers who are using our services without being classified in any commercial or professional activity.

2. Ending the Contract, Ticket Cancellation


The presentation of products in our online shop are no legal binding offers, but of an online non-binding catalogue. By clicking the "Buy" Button, you set up a binding booking, which will be included in your shopping cart. The confirmation of the order follows immediately after confirming the order. Your order is accepted when you have received an order confirmation via e-mail or by delivery of the goods within five days. If the first payment attempt is not successful (because the account does not exist, has no coverage, the credit card number is incorrect or the credit card has expired) then the contract will become void. The ticket is sent after a successfully received payment by e-mail to the e-mail address you provided during the order process.


Regiondo GmbH does not guarantee the accuracy of the data on the website and on product pages.


Unless otherwise specified, each Regiondo ticket can only be claimed once from each Regiondo partner. If the booked service is not fully performed by you as supposed (because of delay, absence, etc.), the remaining balance will not be refunded.


Unless stated otherwise, the Regiondo ticket does not have a specific date and time concerning the performance linked to it. However, if date and time matter for the realization of the performance, your Regiondo ticket will have an information notice about how to get in touch with the partner and set up arrangements or a fixed appointment with him.


The duration of the sale for each tickets is limited. This limitation will be established for each offer individually by Regiondo. Once the date has expired, no further purchase will be possible.


Regiondo GmbH has the right to cancel a customer's order due to any transaction number that has already been allocated, (unilateral withdrawal) if the customer violates the organizer / provider or Regiondo's conditions, which have been specifically established, or the pre-sales conditions or in trying to circumvent these rules (e.g. breaking terms of condition, resale restrictions, etc.). Solutions to the cancellation / withdrawal can also be solved by using credit vouchers of the paid amount.


Duplications, editing or manipulation of Regiondo's tickets are not permitted and will be prosecuted. Regiondo GmbH reserves the right to disclose with reasonable suspicion unauthorized reproduction of the stored data to the respective partner and to undertake legal actions if necessary. Concerning the above mentioned rights of withdrawal please refer to §§ 346 ff ; BGB excluding § 350 BGB (German Civil Code).

3. Price Components & Payment Methods


Customers can purchase the tickets and offers sold at Regiondo GmbH on and pay by the following payment methods: Credit Card, PayPal, Cash on delivery, direct debit or bank transfer. VAT is included in the quoted price. The total price of the order / reservation including all charges is charged by payments after cancellations of contracts.


In addition to mentioned prices, we charge for delivery by mail within Germany 0,99 € per order. Via e-mail (print@home) the transmission is free of charge. The shipping costs are clearly indicated on the order and product page.

4. Withdrawal


The right of withdrawal is available to any consumer according to § 13 BGB (German Civil Code).A consumer is an individual person who has made the ordering of goods for private and not for commercial or professional purposes.


You can cancel your contract within 14 days without giving any reasoning in written form (e.g. letter, fax, e-mail). The limit starts after receiving the receipt of this instruction in written form, which is not prior to closing the contract, and will also start once we fulfill our obligations according to Article 246 § 2 in relation with § 1 Clause 1 and 2 EGBGB (German Civil Code) also according to our conditions § 312g Clause 1 Satz 1 BGB in relation with Article 246 § 3 EGBGB. To confirm the cancellation you must hand in your cancellation form in time. The revocation must be sent to:
Regiondo GmbH
Mühldorfstraße 8
81671 Munich
Fax: +49 89 716 7213 10

As long as the ticket is valid for a specified time, especially for time-bound tickets, no contract is possible in accordance to § 312b BGB. A cancellation and return policy is excluded for tickets of such services.


In case of an effective cancellation, the mutually received benefits are to be returned immediately, and if so, derived profits are to be returned. If you cannot return the service received, partly or in total, or if you can only return it in bad condition, you will be asked to pay a compensation fee of equal value. This may mean that you have to fulfill the contractual payment obligations for the period until validation of the cancellation. The obligations to reimburse payments must be fulfilled within 30 days. The limit starts when sending your cancellation, and for us upon the receipt thereof.

Special Notes

Your right of cancellation expires prematurely if the contract is completely fulfilled by both parties upon your express if you have used your right of cancellation beforehand.

End of cancellation policy

4. Resale

The commercial resale of Regiondo tickets is prohibited, unless otherwise agreed in writing. With respect to a breach of the aforesaid prohibition, Regiondo GmbH reserves all rights and claims, in particular the damage of compensation. For each case of contravention against the designation of the above mentioned prohibition and with the exception of the objection of the continuing connection, the user has to pay a contractual penalty fee of 1.000 Euro. Regiondo GmbH reserves the right to withhold possible enforcement claims.

5. Vouchers and Codes / Discount Offers


Vouchers included in Regiondo contests such as Advertising/Promotion/Discount Vouchers and/or Advertise/Promotion-/Discount Codes cannot be combined with other Regiondo promotions, advertisements or discount offers during purchase of tickets. In addition, the coupon has to respect the conditions of the action and the conditions of the game itself.


Discounts are to be used for ordering individual products at lower prices. Denominations are excluded from these discounts. More discounts, for example in form of coupons and codes may not be used to buy low-priced individual experiences in order to convert them into a more expensive experiences or to circumvent the denomination prohibition. In this case Regiondo may reject such exchange concerns. The possibility of a cash payments for coupons and vouchers is fundamentally excluded.

6. Descriptions of Activities / Performances


The description of leisure activities on Regiondo’s website is up to date the moment you enter the website. However, the content of offers may be edited with minor changes. Regiondo regularly attempts to keep product pages up to date. Please feel free to contact the Regiondo Customer Service support to get an exact description of any activity you are interested in or if you require any further information.


The photographs used in connection with certain activities are only used to illustrate those experiences. Images and illustrations of vehicles, aircraft, objects, people, places, etc. are non-binding and may differ from the original.


The duration information of activities only serves as an indication of the period that you will spend enjoying that specific activity. You will spend the activities with other participants. These durations are expected to have certain duration time. The time specification on Regiondo's website is non-binding and may vary.


Regiondo gives no warranty for the quality or accuracy of the online data, such as the map sections on product pages.

7. Last Minute Booking

Regiondo may have so-called "last minute" activities offers under some circumstances. Corresponding bookings of such experiences can be made up to one day before the actual experience takes place. You can find "last minute"- experiences and their corresponding dates and requirements on Regiondo’s website. You can also find more information about these offers by calling our Customer Service.

8. Requirements for Participation in an Activity / Weather Conditions


Contributions to leisure activities may require specific requirements (e.g. age, health status, weight, driver's license). These are listed in the activity description on Regiondo's website. After purchasing the ticket, the person who has participated in this specific event is responsible for fulfilling the minimum requirements. A ticket refund is totally excluded, in case of the non-fulfillment of the minimum requirements. All participation requirements are to be found in the updated description of the offer on Regiondo's website at the exact time when purchasing the ticket. Therefore, it will be shown the moment you buy the ticket. Regiondo kindly asks you to read these terms carefully and them to be accepted by all participants of the activity.


Many Regiondo leisure activities are weather dependent and can therefore only be performed under favorable weather conditions regarding that specific activity. Further information about these requirements in activity description and product pages can be found on Regiondo's website: In such case, the buyer has the responsibility of checking the weather conditions and make arrangements with the reseller of the activity. If the leisure activity cannot be performed due to weather conditions, you can postpone your appointment or reschedule in agreement with the provider. Regiondo does not cover any expenses or loss in such cases that are possible to be linked to the cancellation or rescheduling of the service (e.g. travel costs, accommodation, escort, vacation, etc.).

9. Availability

Contributions to leisure activities depend on the reseller’s availability. You can find information for general availability (e.g. City / Region, season, weekend, day, time of day) on the offer description (product page). The final appointment is to be arranged between you and the reseller. Regiondo recommends to arrange appointments at least 14 days in advance of the scheduled date, especially during holidays and for appointments on weekends. The binding booking of the participation starts priory with the confirmation of the appointment by the organizer. We recommend that you do not make any travel and accommodation bookings as long as you have not received a confirmation that the organizer or the sub-broker has also received. Please ensure you bring your leisure activity voucher, and if it is provided by the organizer or sub-broker, please bring your booking and payment confirmation. If you did not book the activity yourself, please contact the person who made the ticket purchase in order to take advantage of the availability.

10. Minors

Regiondo does not offer any leisure activity offers to be purchased by an under aged-person. If you have not reached the age of 18, you may use Regiondo's website only accompanied by your parent or legal guardian.

11. Physical Disabilities

Regiondo firmly welcomes participation of people with disabilities to join our activities. However, Regiondo is aware of the fact that participation to some of the activities, may sometimes be difficult or not possible. Regiondo will endeavor to make possible the participation of people with disabilities to such experiences. Therefore, Regiondo suggests purchasing a ticket early in order to get information about the availabilities for people with disabilities. Upon request, Regiondo will happily provide information about institutions which are able to welcome people with disabilities and what is necessary to make participation possible.

12. Transferability

The tickets are personalized and cannot be used more than once.

13. Failure

The organizer is obligated to provide appropriate compensation if an accidents occurs due to technical facility, or if the involvement of a certain person to such context is necessary. If requests are not possible to answer, the provider reserves the right to cancel the realization of the experience, even at short notice. For more information please see our terms and conditions for the relevant resellers.

14. Activity Modification


Content variations and changes concerning the individual experiences after buying a ticket are possible, only once required, unless they are not substantial or do not significantly affect properties of booked leisure activities. As a matter of course, we will inform you about the possible changes of your booked product. Possible changes will be provided immediately.


In the event of main context changes of the product you have booked you are entitled to retreat your contract for free or require another equivalent experience from Regiondo as far as Regiondo can offer such a replacement.

15. Limitations of Liability, Exclusion of Withdrawal to Certain Conditions


The Regiondo GmbH will have unlimited responsibility, in every case of the Product Liability Act, for losses caused intentionally or grossly negligent, fraudulent concealment of deficiencies, or any form of harm or injury damages resulting from life, body or health injuries.


In case of any violation of law within essential contractual obligations (cardinal duties) based solely on simple negligence, Regiondo GmbH will be limited liable for the replacement of the foreseeable typical damage.


With exception of cases which referred in paragraphs 1 and 2, Regiondo GmbH is not liable for damages that were caused by negligence or intention of the user.


The right of customers to rescind from the offer and demand for reimbursement is excluded for all reasons, except those stipulated elsewhere. The reimbursement is possible only if the cancelation was introduced by Regiondo GmbH or the partner (host of the activity).


Under the foregoing paragraphs, the liability of Regiondo GmbH is either excluded or limited. The liability of its compliance and vicarious agents follow the same rules.

16. Withdrawal of Buyer


A cancellation or rescission of the contract with Regiondo is not possible without the existence of a legal reason after a period of 30 days after the purchase.


A postponement / cancellation of the contract with the operator, regarding the organization of the activity, may only be done in consultation and accordingly to the respective organizer. The relative terms and conditions of the selected organizer apply to the purchase of such a ticket.


Regiondo gives the intermediary the possibility to complete this process by using cancellation and/or baggage insurance as well as an insurance that covers the cost of call-back and in any case of accident, illness or death.

17. Cancellation through Regiondo

Regiondo is entitled to withdraw the contract for any significant reason, as long as the booking / scheduling process of an activity has not been completed by the ticket holders as well as the organizer. A reason is considered to be significant if:
- The organizer in the meantime no longer is considered to be partner of Regiondo GmbH or the company has generally closed its business or has become incapable of contracting
- The minimum number of participants specified in the description has not been reached
- The organizer cannot provide the activity due to economic matters
- Force majeures.

If such situations occur, Regiondo will inform you immediately. In case of cancellation of the contract because of significant reasons you will immediately receive a refund equal to the booking price paid. You also have the right to book a similar activity offer from Regiondo. Further claims against Regiondo, especially claims about losses, or any other form of damage (e.g. travel costs, accommodation), are excluded.

18. Functionality and Availability of the Website

Regiondo GmbH reserves the right to modify the website’s scope and functionality, as long as these are not required for the process of closed sales contracts - to change, to restrict or to adjust them anytime. Even though Regiondo GmbH endeavors to offer its services without any technical incidents, other disturbances restricting and/or temporarily interrupting users are possible to occur, especially concerning maintenance and development. Under certain circumstances this may lead to lost data. Therefore, Regiondo GmbH is not responsible for the availability of the service or the absence of incidents or lost data.

19. Form of Explanation

Legal relevant declarations and notifications, as delivered against Regiondo or a third party, must be made in writing. Text sources according to § 126b are sufficient.

20. Copyrights

Regiondo GmbH reserves all copyrights for its services as well as the published content, information, images, videos and databases (referred to subsequently "Protected Property"). A modification, reproduction, publication, disclosure to third parties and / or other reutilization of the protected property without the prior written consent of Regiondo GmbH is expressly prohibited.

21. Disclaimer for External Links

Regiondo GmbH has linked its pages to other websites. Regiondo GmbH hereby declares that Regiondo does not have any influence on the content and design of any linked webpages. Therefore, Regiondo dissociates itself from all linked page contents owned by third parties on as well as From this it follows that Regiondo does not own these contents. This declaration applies to all links and to all contents of pages, to which the links lead to.

22. Changes to the Terms and Conditions

Regiondo GmbH may modify its Terms of Use from time to time in order to implement legal requirements, to adjust to new implementations or to reflect functional changes. To see the current Terms of Use, please visit If you do not agree to the last amended terms, we would like to indicate that you may not be entitled using our services.

As far as a contractual relation between Regiondo GmbH and the customer has already been formed, changed terms and conditions only apply if the changes were transferred to the customer by Regiondo. Regiondo GmbH has to be informed in time about any occurring cancellations and objections, in which the customer has pointed out reasons as to why he would like to terminate his contractional relationship with Regiondo GmbH, as well as in the case that the customer was informed about legal consequences and has not objected to the validity of the amended terms in writing within 6 weeks to Regiondo GmbH. This piece of writing may need to indicate as to which contradiction on a legal notice have occurred.

23. Final Clauses


It applies exclusively the law of The Federal Republic of Germany.


The sole place of performance for delivery, performance and payment is Munich, provided that the customer is a company according i.S.v. § 14 BGB.


If the customer is a merchant, it is exclusively Munich's jurisdiction (also for international merchants), for all direct or indirect disagreement concerning the contractual relationship. This applies in the case of cross-border contracts and also for non-merchants. Regiondo GmbH reserves the right to invoke any other international jurisdiction.

24. Severability Clause

If any present or future clauses of the contract occur for any other reasons than the ones already mentioned or, in addition stipulated in 305-310 BGB (German Civil Code), it is considered to be partially or totally ineffective, futile or unenforceable and will not affect the validity of the remaining clauses, unless the contract management involves unreasonable hardships for a party. The same policy applies if there is an addition that has to be made after signing the contract. In case of ineffective, futile or unenforceable clauses the respectively legal regulations will show advantage.

As of 27 August 2012